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9968 Clyde Ave,
St Louis, MO 63125

Monthly Payment: $1900 Per Month

Purchase Price: $225,000
Monthly Payment: $1900
Down Payment: 3% down of the purchase price
1% program enrollment and loan origination fee 
Available: Now
Lease Terms: Rent To Own

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Property Details:

4 Bedrooms


2 Baths

Sq Ft: 1776

Property Location:


STOP PAYING RENT NOW! Welcome to Home Ownership. Think you can’t own a home due to student loans, medical bills, being self-employed, or bad credit? Think again. If you have some money available for a down payment and stable income, here at Home Ways we can help you own the home of your dreams regardless of your financial past. 

Home Description:

Welcome to 9968 Clyde Ave, a Beautiful 4 bedroom, 2 bath newly remodeled. The remodel included new bathrooms, kitchens, new drywall in most of the house, and new doors, windows, and flooring. Nice back porch for entertaining and relaxing with a good cup of coffee. 

Purchase Price $225,000 

Monthly payment 1900 (Taxes and Insurance included)

Move in with as little as 3% down of the purchase price

1% program enrollment and loan origination fee

100% of the down payment comes off the purchase price and secures your exclusive right to buy the home. We accept borrowed funds for closing. You may also be eligible to withdraw from your pension (or your 401K plan). DOWN PAYMENT ASSISTANCE IS AVAILABLE, if your income is high enough you may qualify for an interest-free loan for the remainder after the 3% is placed of your down payment. Call us today

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